The inaugural NAACAM Show 2017 proved itself as the platform to enable effective growth, transformation & stakeholder engagement in the automotive sector.

The NAACAM Show 2019 will appropriately broaden participation and deepen the value delivered to attendees. We look forward to engaging Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers, OEMs, government and private sector stakeholders and affiliated firms to participate in this important initiative.

Attend the Conference

Invest in your future by engaging with leading thinkers and executives at the NAACAM Show Conference.

Support the initiative

If you would like to raise your profile within the automotive sector, then the NAACAM Show 2019 is the initiative to align with.

Exhibit to 1,600+ attendees

With over 200 exhibitors ranging from local manufacturers, OEMs, stakeholders and support organisations will be welcomed and have significant opportunity to showcase their manufacturing competencies and service offering and  a strong focus on localisation runs through the exhibition!

Engage with interested Buyers

A key objective of the NAACAM Show 2019 is to deliver significant localisation benefits. This is achieved through the convergence of the industry, significant networking and exhibition of capabilities but most directly through pre-arranged buyer-supplier meetings.

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