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NAACAM Show localisation exhibition

Increasing local content is a central objective of the South African Automotive Masterplan and a core theme of the NAACAM Show 2019. To support this objective, the NAACAM Show will host a showcase of 1000+ products identified by OEMs and tier 1s for localisation. (1)

Participation in the localisation exhibition is free to existing exhibitors and access to the exhibition will be free to all event delegates. The localisation exhibition (2) managed by NAACAM Show staff(3). Firm participation is welcome. Each exhibitor will supply a list of the parts displayed and labelled(4) as below:

• Firm name
• Part name
• Part number
• Annual volume

Visitors to the localisation exhibition will express their interest in certain parts which will be passed to the exhibiting firm post the event for further engagements.


1 Our objective, subject to uptake by firms. OEMs, ASCCI supported firms and specifically firms in the 3 priority value chains identified of seating systems, interior trim and drive train will be prioritised.
2 A four-shelf display system to be used: 914mm x 610mm surface area per shelf (weight bearing of 100kg per shelf). 20 parts on average per display estimated. Racks with larger surface area and/or greater weight bearing capacity can be arranged. NAACAM Show staff to be briefed by OEM/ tier 1 staff.

3 OEM/tier displays to be set up on 12 March 2019 from 9am-12pm. Labour will be available to support the display of parts. Parts will be packed and returned to all suppliers by 19 March 2019. Cotton gloves to be given to all participants.
4 A standard template and labels will be shared with all participants.


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