by NAACAM | Nov 26, 2018 | Latest News

Supporting Partnership Announcement: Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI)

The NAACAM Show 2019 Project Steering Committee is pleased to The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) as a Supporting Partner of the NAACAM Show 2019. 

  • The RMI is the largest organisation of employers and businesses in the South African retail motor industry – with almost 8000-member businesses across all sectors of the retail motor industry, including vehicle bodybuilding and component manufacturing. 
  • The RMI facilitates cross sectional networking between Associational Members and businesses alike, thereby allowing opportunity for business development and growth. The principle of the Organisation is fostered on participation and collaboration between members in the pursuit of opportunities.
  • The RMI provides guidance and assists in the training and development of personnel, adherence to regulatory compliance requirements for South African businesses, not the least of which is the renowned RMI IR services and Wage negotiations on behalf of all member businesses.
  • The RMI is committed to the transformation of the South African Retail Motor Industry, and through concerted efforts, alongside broad scope stakeholders, creates opportunities for formal businesses to engage with the development of informal sector entrepreneurs to uplift the industry and channel additional growth through successful mentoring and collaboration. 

 For more information about RMi, please visit  

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