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Supporting Partnership Announcement: Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) 

The Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) is a bargaining council, as prescribed by the Labour Relations Act. It represents approximately 14 000 employers and 182 000 employees throughout South Africa. It consists of representatives from both Employers’ and Employees’ Organisations and has equal representation from both groups, and provides three broad services:

  1. Forum and facilities for collective bargaining;
  2. Settlement of labour disputes;
  3. Provision of social benefits for the upliftment of all persons falling within the industry, i.e. pension, provident, medical, sick, accident, maternity and holiday pay funds.

The agreements negotiated by the Council are, where necessary, extended by the State to cover the entire industry, once satisfied that the parties to the Council are in the majority. It is for this reason that all employers and employees falling within the motor industry fall under MIBCO’s jurisdiction.

MIBCO Vision Statement

To be an unbiased, credible value-adding, service-orientated organisation, committed to providing professional, efficient service and excellent benefits to employers, employees and all role players in the motor industry in the most cost-effective way.

MIBCO Mission Statement

  • To create and maintain industrial peace and stability in the motor industry by:
  • Providing a forum and facilities for collective bargaining in respect of wages and working conditions at an industry-level;
  • Ensuring industry-wide adherence to collective agreements;
  • Settling labour disputes that arise within the motor industry;
  • Providing social benefits for the upliftment and stability of all people falling within the motor industry;
  • Ensuring majority support from all employers and employees.

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