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NAACAM Show 2019 Heading for Durban

The National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) is delighted to announce that the NAACAM Show 2019 will be hosted by eThekwini Municipality, and will take place at the Durban International
Convention Centre (ICC) on 12 – 14 March 2019.

Inaugural NAACAM Show – 10 months on…

When we signed up for the first ever NAACAM show to be held at the ICC in Durban on the 5-7 April 2017, we were not really certain of our expectations, little did we know that the show itself would prove to be one of the best investments we would make!

Dave Coffey
NAACAM President
Managing Director, Shatterprufe

Welcome from Dave Coffey, NAACAM President

A unified effort is required from all Sub-Saharan automotive stakeholders, including governments, to respond to the challenges and realise the opportunities facing local manufacturers.

In the context of weak local new vehicle sales, an increase in the range and volumes of local manufactured components is essential to the survival and growth of component manufacturing companies in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. The SA Automotive Masterplan sets out a unifying vision for the future of the industry. The NAACAM Show has a large ambition in driving these objectives.

We were very pleased at the positive reports from participants in the inaugural NAACAM Show 2017 and we have significant ambitions to deliver even more value at the NAACAM Show 2019. I hope that you will join me at this important initiative.

What we want to achieve

Facilitate localisation,
intra-African trade and investment linkages,
and exports from sectors determined to be globally competitive

Enable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and technology partnerships

Promote development and growth of Black-owned suppliers

Deliver outcomes-based dialogue.



We are pleased to share some of the progress made towards hosting the NAACAM Show 2019.

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Key Partners

The NAACAM Show welcomes all stakeholders in the automotive value chain, including non-NAACAM members. It is endorsed by the local vehicle manufacturers, through the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), Automotive Supply Chain Competitiveness Initiative (ASCCI), Department of Trade and Industry (dti), National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) and the Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC).

Supporting Partners

The NAACAM Show aligns with the objectives of many agencies and organisations in the manufacturing sector. We are proud to be working with multiple organisations to drive South Africa and Africa’s industrial development.

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